Friday, August 29, 2014

Tips on Designing Pools: Add a Splash of Color!

If you are renovating your pool or installing one in your backyard, colors can definitely make or break your design. Complementing your pool’s shape, size, and water features, color can give your pool its distinct personality that could also mirror your own.
Here are some ideas on how to add a splash of color to your pool design:
Let there be white!
White as the foundation for a color palette will give your pool that clean, refreshing look; and allow you great flexibility in decorating. You have a variety of snowy or ivory shades to choose from, so you won’t be stuck with just one dull hue. If your pool is predominantly white, you can accent with sandy or stone surfaces. Go for monochrome hues when adding furniture or decors, and arrange a vibrant, colorful landscape to boot.

Unleash your (pool’s) dark side.
Contrary to the gothic charm or solemnity that the black’s and dark blue’s and green’s give off in other settings, dark colors can actually give your pool a touch of class and sophistication. The mysterious quality of black marbles, midnight blue tiles, or dark moss green concrete can be simply alluring.

Mix and match!
Do you have a pattern in mind? Do you have any specific color preferences? Be creative! Maximize the effects that a combination of tiles, finishes, pebbles, and other pool construction materials can give you. Mix and match colors and textures to come up with a design that is truly and uniquely yours.

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