Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Raise Your Property’s Value by Adding a Pool

If you're thinking of added ways to increase the value of your property, you might want to rethink that extra space in your backyard. According to housing statistics, the value of New Jersey homes can generally appreciate by 2 percent with the addition of a pool. This figure can be higher in an area where many other homes have pools.

Numbers also show that the concentration of buyers who are interested in homes with inground pools are families with teenagers. Not only can a pool encourage physical fitness through swimming, the pool area can also serve as a good venue for gatherings and house parties. In fact, the value that pools add to homes comes not just from their practical functions, but from their contribution to enhancing a home’s aesthetics as well.
Summer time in NJ can get pretty hot, so having your own pool is a very attractive prospect during the season. Additionally, water has always been a symbol of calmness, and simply being close to a pool can bring relaxation and comfort—something that many homebuyers can surely appreciate.

Thus, the factors that make a pool addition attractive to home buyers are the same as those which make it attractive to you. You get endless hours of fun and enjoyment from your pool, particularly one that has been well built and designed to match your home’s architecture.

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