Thursday, July 31, 2014

Enhance Your Pool with Fine Features

Pools are fun enough when you use them for swimming. However, if you really want to have some memorable happy times in your swimming pool, it’s best to add some of the following.

Waterfalls. Most custom pool designers are looking to put the beauty of nature in their client’s backyard pools, and as a result, waterfalls are among the most commonly sought-after addition. The great part about this fixture is that it serves functional purposes, namely serving as a return mechanism for newly-filtered water, and a source of relaxation both for your eyes and ears.

Sprays. If you’ve ever been to or seen films about Las Vegas, you’ll notice that one of the most prominent attractions there are The Fountains of Bellagio. Many pool builders today can incorporate spray mechanisms like that right into your home. While such pool sprays might not blast water as high as a hundred feet into the air, their nozzles, which will be installed on your pool’s floor, can get water to bubble up into the surface or turn into a mini-fountain from the depths.

Diving Boards. What’s the best way to get into a pool? If you’ve answered diving your way in, then you’ll most likely need a diving board to fuel your need for that short burst of adrenaline rush—just make sure that your pool has a deep end, though. You should also choose boards that are sturdy enough to support the weight of its users.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Pool Building Requires Planning

When you’re considering having a pool built at home, you’ll have to do some planning first. Proper planning helps you avoid problems like a muddy yard and exorbitant water bills. First, you have to consider the type of pool you’ll build.

You have two main options when it comes to pools: inground or above-ground, and each one will have different sets of advantages and disadvantages depending on how and where you want to place them. Above-ground pools, for instance, are great for homes with little backyard space, whereas inground pools make for a durable, permanent installation that have better customization options.

Another thing to consider is how your yard is like, especially its slope, type of soil, and accessibility. These can affect how much special preparation builders will have to do. Remember to apply for a permit as well. Note that different communities may have varying building codes regarding the construction of swimming pools, so be sure to check with your locality to find out. For one, your project will have to meet certain local standards as to the distance from the pool to your property lines, septic pipes, sewer lines, and wells, among others.

Finally, think of how long it will be built. Start your project well before the time you want to enjoy your new pool. It can take from weeks to months to finish it and you don’t want an unfinished hole in the ground when summer arrives.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Enjoy a Nighttime Dip with Some Pool Lights

There’s nothing more pleasant than having a nice, relaxing swim after a long day’s hard work. Splashing around under the moonlight sounds appealing enough, but your pool would truly shine if it had some well-placed lights in it.

Pool lighting has gone through a lot of major changes throughout time—from the old style of having two lights embedded into the pool wall (one in the deep end and one in the shallow end), to today’s pool lighting, which is all about style and energy-efficiency. The dawn of LED light technology has also allowed homeowners to customize their pools with various effects and color combinations, making for a unique visual experience without being too costly to keep on all night.

One particular style that stands out is to have different colored lights illuminating different areas in the pool, creating a wide array of combinations where two or more hues meet near the center. Some people put the lights right near spouts or water fountains, thus crafting the illusion of streams of water delivering various shades to the pool.

When you’re looking to have efficient pool lighting installed, always get in touch with professionals to do it for you. DIY lighting installation is a bad idea, since you’ll be dealing with water and electricity—a deadly combination if you don’t work with skill and care. Make sure that a registered electrician looks into the installation before turning them on.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Landscaping your Pool in NJ? Balance Creativity with Functionality

Spectacular pool designs and landscapes are truly lovely to behold. However, savvy homeowners should also consider balancing creativity with functionality. Improve the landscape of your pool in NJ by paying equal attention to aesthetics and function.

Choose, for instance, water and landscape features that transform your backyard into a soothing sanctuary. Relaxing elements like waterfalls, fountains, hot tubs, and built-in seating or lounging furniture fit the bill. Likewise, low-profile lights as well as underwater lighting can set the mood and also make it safer to swim at night.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lovely NJ Pools: Enhancing Outdoor Living Spaces with Custom Built-ins

Custom-built NJ pools, in other words, improve overall aesthetics and functionality. The creative features can be modelled after resorts, spas, natural wonders, and whatever else floats your boat. To give you some inspiration, here are some custom built-in ideas:

Tweak the standard ladders and steps.

Instead of a basic ladder or steps at the pool’s corners, have your builder create a custom entry. For example, you can have extended tiers or beach entries that can also serve as seating or lounging areas.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pool Experts Urge Shock-Proofing NJ Swimming Pools for a Safe Summer

Proper NJ swimming pool design and maintenance protect users from electric shock. To start with, be sure that the necessary electrical equipment, such as transformers, are in place. These electrical components should be placed at a safe distance from the pool to avoid direct contact with water, typically behind some bushes or tall plants.

According to ABC News, a transformer can downgrade the standard 120 volts surging through electrical equipment to just 12 volts. This is a bit stronger than a 9-volt battery but hardly life-threatening.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Tips on Improving how your Pool Area Looks

Your swimming pool is your backyard’s centerpiece, both in function and in style, so while it’s important to keep it sanitized and well maintained, it’s equally important to keep it beautifully landscaped. Here are some tips you’d want to check out:
  • Colored Pools – Have your swimming pool water colored for an excellent, relaxing, personalized effect. White is bland; giving it color gives it life.
  • Lighting – Now that your pool is a nice shade of deep, calming blue or energetic orange, make sure to showcase its new hue at night with efficient poolside lighting.
  • Greenery – How do you make your pool more natural-looking? How about by placing trees, shrubbery and flowers all around it?
  • Waterfall – It’s always soothing to hear the rush of a waterfall, and now, you can enjoy it even in the comfort of your house. Many pool professionals can integrate this into your design.
  • Lounge Area – Adding a gazebo or a pool lounge transforms it into more than just a fixture. Instead, it turns it into the best source of outdoors summer fun in your own backyard.
However you wish to design your pool, make sure that what you end up with is something that you, your family members and your guests will truly enjoy. Trust in reliable pool designers and installers to make this work for you.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Still Vexed Thanks to Winter? Cool Off in an NJ Pool and Feel Better

These things aside, a nationwide Ipsos survey found out that more than a third of Americans found a quick dip in the pool to be a potent cure for cabin fever. Although the survey makes no distinction between indoor and outdoor pools, the important thing is that pool users get to soothe their overwrought nerves and overcome stress. A cool NJ pool in your backyard can also help you beat the heat this season.

Quality pool design and construction ensures that you comply with all local zoning codes and allows you to steer clear of headaches like costly repair bills and accidents. When it comes to NJ pool construction services, be sure to choose a reputable firm like Tranquility Pools, Inc.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Proper Landscaping around NJ Pools: Beating the Sizzling Summer Heat

As far as some pool builders are concerned, pool construction and landscaping are treated as separate projects. That’s not the case with a one-stop design and building firm like Tranquility Pools Inc. that works with skilled landscape architects when building NJ pools. With the right landscape design, a backyard pool can blend seamlessly with the rest of the property and make the space infinitely more enticing.

Aside from making the household less reliant on air conditioning to keep cool, beautiful pool landscape design also creates a relaxing atmosphere that makes the heat of the season more bearable. Meanwhile, proper pool landscaping enhances the swimming pool’s aesthetic value that then turns the pool into a suitable venue for social gatherings.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Well-Designed Inground Swimming Pools in NJ Promote Year-round Safety

This brings up another issue: electricity. To ensure the safety of all swimmers, experts suggest that battery-powered appliances and fixtures be installed. While it’s true that cord-connected devices are reliable, they are also likely to pose a grounding hazard should they sustain damage. If the homeowner insists on using an integrated electrical system, the pool should be inspected for compliance with the National Electrical Code.

Luckily, a one-stop pool design and build firm like Tranquility Pools treats this as a standard operating procedure whenever they’re called to build NJ swimming pools. Whether in the summer or at any time of the year, it pays to have these pool safety measures installed.

Finding the Right Shape for Your Pool

The shape of the pool you will have installed in your backyard is largely determined by two factors: the amount of space you have, and how you and your family members plan to use it. With that in mind, here are different pool shapes you should look into:


Rectangular pools provide an air of elegance with its clean and uniform design. The shape is ideal for people who want to maximize the usage of their pool, whether it be for exercise, water sports, or leisure swimming.


Lazy-L pools provide a great harmony between functionality and design. The base of the “L” shape offers a “natural entrance”, enhancing the pool’s aesthetic appeal. At the same time, the length of the pool provides ample space for both play and exercise. Overall, Lazy-L pools are perfect for those who want a rectangular pool, but do not have the space for it.


These pools are indented in the middle, allowing it to fit in yards with minimal space. The basic appeal is that owners can designate the purpose of each side. The indentation also serves as a visual reminder of where the deep end begins, making it a great option for those with young children.

Free Form

Free form pools conform to the restrictions of your yard, making it a perfect choice if you’re already in love with the existing landscape. At the same time, you can claim you have a pool that is truly unique.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Nemo 33: The World’s Deepest Indoor Swimming Pool

Looking for the unparalleled thrill of deep water diving, but dread the cold, dark abyss of the ocean depths? Then why not try the world’s deepest indoor swimming pool: Nemo 33.
Designed as a multi-purpose diving instruction, recreational, and film production facility, the Nemo 33 is a staggering 113 feet deep; and the brainchild of Belgian diving expert John Beernaerts. It contains a mammoth amount of water – 2.5 million liters, to be exact. And unlike the common swimming pools people know, the water in it is pure, chlorine-free, filtered spring water. Its most prominent feature is its 108-foot sinkhole, known as the only place in the world outside of the open ocean that permits such deep dives.
The Nemo 33 also has several underwater caves that start at 33-foot depths, perfect for both amateur and professional divers to train their underwater maneuvers in. Need more time at the bottom? It also has three pressurized rooms with constantly renewed air; kind of like the natural air pockets you could find in underwater caves. On the other hand, people not looking to take a dip can watch through fourteen underwater windows situated in lounges, restaurants, and other locations within the facility.
Beernaerts began conceptualizing the Nemo 33 in 2001, taking inspiration from his favorite homeland diving spots. He finally opened the facility in 2004 which is currently located in Brussels, Belgium.