Monday, August 25, 2014

Thinking Outside the Rectangular Box

Pools must be rectangular—so say Olympic pool builders and no one else.

The truth is pools can be any shape you want, and the only limiting factor to your pool’s design is your imagination. You can discuss your ideas with pool builders to come up with a pool that’s uniquely yours, from the shape to the color scheme. If you need inspiration, perhaps you can take a cue from these one-of-a-kind pool designs from various places across the globe.

Yin and Yang Pool
Reiters Supremehotel in Austria boasts of a wellness spa featuring a pool shaped like the yin-yang symbol of Chinese philosophy. A small isthmus divides the two pools, with access areas placed oppositely. The yin pool with the darker floor contains warm water; the yang pool with the lighter floor contains cool water.

Red Pool
Pools can even come in unusual colors, and the blood-red pool in Thailand breaks all stereotypes. However, the water is as clear as it can be. The color comes from the nifty arrangement of red, orange, and yellow mosaic tiles that make up the pool floor. Several travel reviews rank this as one of the most spectacular pools in the world.

Violin Pool
Here's one closer to home. A Bedford, NY resident decided to express his love for music by having a pool built in the shape of a 1700s Stradivarius violin, complete with the four strings, which are part of an impressive light show at night. In June 2014, the design was awarded "Best Pool Design" by the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals.

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