Friday, August 8, 2014

Landscape around Your Pool for a Perfect Yard

A backyard pool is a feather in the cap of any homeowner. However, a pool looks incomplete without additional embellishments or aesthetic fixtures. For one, you need to do some landscaping done to truly turn your pool into your backyard’s centerpiece. Here are some landscaping ideas:

Use a variety of plants. Plants can transform an aesthetically bland pool into a tropical paradise. The assortment of greens softens the harsh lines of swimming pool equipment, and helps the pool blend more naturally with the environment. Growing them tall enough also provides a “privacy screen” around the area.

However, you need to be careful in choosing which plants to use. Avoid water-seeking or “thirsty” plants. Thirsty plants and trees often have massive root systems that can find its way through your pool’s shell and destroy it over time.

Put up fences. Fences serve as a safety net, especially if there are children around. Choosing the right design can also improve your privacy. In the event that you don’t like how a fence looks, you can always ask your contractor to drape vines or put plants over it to soften the sharp edges while adding privacy to boot.

Build a patio and/or gazebo. Also known as a pool deck, a patio serves dual-duty by acting as a slip-resistant foothold and providing additional aesthetic appeal. Gazebos provide maximum convenience too, allowing people to lounge beside the pool and relax in the shade.

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