Saturday, May 31, 2014

Summer Fun in Your Backyard: Tips on Planning Pool Construction in NJ

With it being the middle of spring now, more and more homeowners in The Garden State are seeing the value of keeping cool throughout the coming months, especially with hotter days looming over the horizon. For many, this means having a quality NJ pool installed. Don’t just go to the nearest pool company for a quote though; there are a few things you should first take into consideration.

You have two main options when it comes to pools: inground or above-ground, and each one will have different sets of advantages and disadvantages depending on how and where you want to place them. Above-ground pools, for instance, are great for homes with little backyard space, whereas inground pools make for a durable, permanent installation that have better customization options.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Considerations before Getting a Pool

Installing a swimming pool in your home is no doubt a worthwhile investment. Aside from providing your family an opportunity to have fun and exercise, it can also increase your home’s value. Before calling a NJ pool contractor, however, keep these considerations in mind first:
The Use
What will you use the pool for? Will it mainly be used for exercise, to entertain your friends and neighbors, or for your kids to enjoy? Your answer will ultimately determine what pool you should get.

The Look
x`Look at magazines and websites and compile a “look book” for your pool. By doing so, your pool contractor will have an easier time designing a pool that suits your tastes.

The Permits
If it’s your backyard, you can build whatever pool you want, right? Not really. Counties have strict safety codes, zoning restrictions and proximity guidelines for pool construction. These laws can limit the style or size of your pool.

Being a pool owner comes with a certain amount of responsibility, and this includes ensuring safety around the pool. Aside from the cost of construction, set aside a budget for safety features such as pool covers, perimeter fences, child-proof locks and security alarms that alert you when someone falls into the water.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Designing Pools in NJ: Tips on Lighting up the Nights by your Poolside

When you’re looking to have efficient pool lighting installed, always get in touch with professionals to do it for you. DIY lighting installation is an irrefutably bad idea, since you’ll be dealing with water and electricity – a deadly combination if you don’t work with skill and care. Make sure that a registered electrician looks into the installation before you even consider turning all the lights on.

Companies like Tranquility Pools, Inc. can help you build the outdoor pool of your dreams, and they can even help you keep it the center of attraction in your backyard all night long. Just remember to choose an efficient pool company in NJ to bring your pool to life.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Coming Up with Ideas for a Swimming Pool

So, you’ve finally decided to build a swimming pool in your backyard, but now you’re stuck wondering what that pool should look like. Most people have a vision in their head of their ideal pool, but find it difficult to make that idea come to the surface. To remedy that situation, checking galleries of well-designed pools on the Internet can help you come up with ideas for your ideal swimming pool.
Be warned, however: when looking through images for pegs and inspiration, don’t let all the ideas they offer get you too excited. Otherwise, you might end up with a concept made up of a mishmash of ideas that don’t go well together. Instead, keep the theme of your initial idea in mind, and build it up slowly till you’ve come up with an idea for a pool you can live with for the rest of your life.
If you’re still having trouble coming up with good ideas for a swimming pool, however, then it might be best to get some help. Taking the pictures of the pools you like the best with you, pay a visit to a pool construction company that also provides pool design services. After an in-depth consultation session with you and a visit to your property to see the future location of the pool, their team of professional designers can get together to design the pool of your dreams for you.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Laying the Foundations of a Pool Project

Home improvement projects, like building a private pool in your own backyard, involve more than having enough resources; they also take careful planning and a little bit of legwork for everything to commence smoothly, without any complications. Before all the digging and installing of the tiles, you must first build the foundations of your project by attending to the following:

  1. Zoning Laws Matter – If you moved to a different community and are in the process of building a new house, you must check on the zoning laws to see if you are allowed to build a pool in the first place. If so, you must learn of the possible restrictions and parameters that may be in effect, as these will surely affect the design of your pool.

  1. Choosing the Right Builder – Next, you need to pick the right pool builders who can formulate a viable pool design that matches your vision, requirements, and specifications. Find a company that holds a license for pool construction and pick three candidates which you will eventually trim down to your final choice. Check their track record, as well as their industry reputation.

  1. Determine the type – Lastly, you should determine the type of pool you want to build. There are different materials to choose from, with their own pros and cons. Decide on what you want to have in terms of aesthetics and other key elements, and explain everything in detail to your contractor.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Reasons Why Swimming Pools are Good Investments

Now that summer is fast approaching, most people will soon be trooping to the beach or local community pool to cool things down a bit. On the other hand, those who have their own swimming pools in their backyard toned not leave the house at all.

More than beating the summer heat, however, owning a pool yields more advantages to homeowners. Here are a few reasons why you need to consider investing in one.

  1. Opportunity for Family Bonding – By having your own pool, you can have an instant weekend bonding session with your kids while enjoying the water. You can teach your kids how to swim and create tons of happy memories, which they will cherish when they grow up.

  1. Cheaper Way to Get Fit – Next, you can use your pool as a means to shed off those extra pounds and eventually get fit. Owning a pool presents a cheaper alternative to going to the gym and paying for all those fees. Just a few steps from your door and you are off to burning calories in no time.

  1. Increasing Home Value – Finally, installing a pool will exponentially increase the value of your home. Though it may seem that owning one is a luxury, you can also look at it as a long-term investment, specifically when the day comes that you decide to sell your house and move to a better one. A house with a pool will always be more appealing to prospective buyers.