Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Choosing the Right Pool for Your Home

Having a pool built for your home requires careful planning. The main decision that you’ll have to make is what type of pool you want installed. There are three types to choose from:

Concrete pools. Also called gunite or shotcrete pools, these are considered the most popular of all inground pool types. These pools are built by pumping concrete through a hose, then shooting the concrete onto steel-reinforced walls. Once cured, the concrete is plastered, troweled, smoothened, and painted on. Concrete pools are advantageous mainly because of their durability, as they can withstand most regional climactic conditions. Concrete pools are also highly customizable.

Fiberglass pools. Unlike their concrete counterparts, fiberglass pools aren’t built on-site; they’re often made in factories using giant shell-shaped molds. They’re simply set into a pre-excavated hole, and this simple installation method allows the pool to be fully usable within weeks or even days—depending on the construction conditions. Compared to a concrete pool, a fiberglass pool is easier to maintain. If you don’t like waiting for weeks or months before you can enjoy a brand new pool, then this type is for you.

Vinyl pools. Vinyl-lined pools practically combine the construction methods of both concrete and fiberglass—the lining is pre-fabricated, then put into an excavated hole lined with steel-reinforced concrete walls. Like fiberglass pools, vinyl-lined pools are also easily maintained and quickly installed; you could swim in it within weeks.

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