Thursday, July 3, 2014

Nemo 33: The World’s Deepest Indoor Swimming Pool

Looking for the unparalleled thrill of deep water diving, but dread the cold, dark abyss of the ocean depths? Then why not try the world’s deepest indoor swimming pool: Nemo 33.
Designed as a multi-purpose diving instruction, recreational, and film production facility, the Nemo 33 is a staggering 113 feet deep; and the brainchild of Belgian diving expert John Beernaerts. It contains a mammoth amount of water – 2.5 million liters, to be exact. And unlike the common swimming pools people know, the water in it is pure, chlorine-free, filtered spring water. Its most prominent feature is its 108-foot sinkhole, known as the only place in the world outside of the open ocean that permits such deep dives.
The Nemo 33 also has several underwater caves that start at 33-foot depths, perfect for both amateur and professional divers to train their underwater maneuvers in. Need more time at the bottom? It also has three pressurized rooms with constantly renewed air; kind of like the natural air pockets you could find in underwater caves. On the other hand, people not looking to take a dip can watch through fourteen underwater windows situated in lounges, restaurants, and other locations within the facility.
Beernaerts began conceptualizing the Nemo 33 in 2001, taking inspiration from his favorite homeland diving spots. He finally opened the facility in 2004 which is currently located in Brussels, Belgium.

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