Monday, June 30, 2014

Water Conservation Tips for Your Swimming Pool

You do your best to conserve water inside your home, but are you equally concerned about saving water outside it? Your swimming pool is a big source of water consumption. While no one’s asking you to drain and abandon it, there are several ways that you can practice water conservation while enjoying the benefits of a backyard pool.

Pool filter maintenance

Your pool filter can be your best aid or your biggest culprit in your water conservation efforts. When it becomes too dirty, debris collects in the pool, and often, you’ll need to backwash your filter, which leads to huge wastage of pool chemicals and water. Avoid the need to backwash your filter by religiously following the filter maintenance steps suggested by your pool contractor.

Cracks and leaks

Cracks in the pool assembly can lead to water leaks. Even a small crack can cause a large amount of water wastage. Check the level of your pool in the morning and afternoon. If there’s a significant drop, that’s a sign that your pool may already have a crack. Call a pool expert to locate the source of the leak and have it patched.

Pool cover

Without a pool cover, an average-sized pool can lose up to 1 inch of water per week in the summer. A properly fitting pool cover can significantly reduce your pool’s water evaporation rate.

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