Friday, July 25, 2014

Pool Building Requires Planning

When you’re considering having a pool built at home, you’ll have to do some planning first. Proper planning helps you avoid problems like a muddy yard and exorbitant water bills. First, you have to consider the type of pool you’ll build.

You have two main options when it comes to pools: inground or above-ground, and each one will have different sets of advantages and disadvantages depending on how and where you want to place them. Above-ground pools, for instance, are great for homes with little backyard space, whereas inground pools make for a durable, permanent installation that have better customization options.

Another thing to consider is how your yard is like, especially its slope, type of soil, and accessibility. These can affect how much special preparation builders will have to do. Remember to apply for a permit as well. Note that different communities may have varying building codes regarding the construction of swimming pools, so be sure to check with your locality to find out. For one, your project will have to meet certain local standards as to the distance from the pool to your property lines, septic pipes, sewer lines, and wells, among others.

Finally, think of how long it will be built. Start your project well before the time you want to enjoy your new pool. It can take from weeks to months to finish it and you don’t want an unfinished hole in the ground when summer arrives.

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