Friday, November 21, 2014

How to Keep Pools Safe and Fun for Children

Children love swimming, especially in the summer. If you have a pool in your property, then your kids must be having some really good times. However, you have to make sure that your pool is safe for them.

The most effective precaution when letting children swim is to never leave them alone. Being alert in the pool also gives you an advantage in emergency situations: You can rescue a child immediately in case of cramps, and you can take him or her out of the water quickly. Learn how to swim and perform basic CPR techniques, because being passive does not pay off.

You can also make your pool safer by placing a fence around it to prevent children from going in without your consent. Make sure the gate of your fence is locked, and remove clutter around the area. Invest on non-slip surfaces and place these around the pool to prevent accidents. Provide safety gear like floaties, life savers, and other inflatable objects for your children to wear; don’t rely too much on these, though, since being alert is still required.

Having a first aid kit is helpful in addressing minor injuries. Set up a perimeter around the pool by placing ropes and float lines for your children to follow. Install instructions around the area for everyone to read, and have a phone and pool alarm installed nearby for additional emergency support. These protocols will help make your inground swimming pool a much safer environment for children.

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