Saturday, November 1, 2014

Enjoy Natural Swimming Pool in Your Own Home

If you want something out of the ordinary for a pool, why not build a natural swimming pool? Here are a few tips on how to do just that:

Material composition

A natural swimming pool often requires additional finesse than your average swimming pool. Such pools usually have a lining of bentonite clay that fuses well to hold the water in; however, the pool stands to dry up if the ground adjacent to the pool is comprised of dry soil or sand, which compromises the clay’s integrity. Have your pool contractor fashion an EPDM liner backed up by a layer of manufactured gravel to add lining protection.


Natural swimming pools must have ample space on the property to accommodate plants that will serve as a filter system; some design experts peg the plant bed to be roughly 50% of the entire pool area. Slope the pool to protect against cave-ins on a ratio of one-foot drop per three feet of length. Plan ahead with defining the swimming and plant zones, and put in the plants depending on root depth.


A reputable NJ pool company will recommend machine solutions to add efficiency for projects like a natural swimming pool. For instance, an underwater pumping and aeration system works in helping circulate water and air all over the area and assists the plants’ filtration process. 

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