Friday, May 30, 2014

Considerations before Getting a Pool

Installing a swimming pool in your home is no doubt a worthwhile investment. Aside from providing your family an opportunity to have fun and exercise, it can also increase your home’s value. Before calling a NJ pool contractor, however, keep these considerations in mind first:
The Use
What will you use the pool for? Will it mainly be used for exercise, to entertain your friends and neighbors, or for your kids to enjoy? Your answer will ultimately determine what pool you should get.

The Look
x`Look at magazines and websites and compile a “look book” for your pool. By doing so, your pool contractor will have an easier time designing a pool that suits your tastes.

The Permits
If it’s your backyard, you can build whatever pool you want, right? Not really. Counties have strict safety codes, zoning restrictions and proximity guidelines for pool construction. These laws can limit the style or size of your pool.

Being a pool owner comes with a certain amount of responsibility, and this includes ensuring safety around the pool. Aside from the cost of construction, set aside a budget for safety features such as pool covers, perimeter fences, child-proof locks and security alarms that alert you when someone falls into the water.

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